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CORE's story is a journey of innovation, education, and engineering that began with a vision to transform waste management. Our roots lie firmly in the student community of Eindhoven University of Technology, where a group of forward-thinking students came together with a shared belief: waste management could be smarter, more sustainable, and more eco-friendly.

As we embarked on our mission, we quickly realized that innovation knows no bounds. We opened our doors to students not just from the university but also from Avans, Fontys, and Summa, creating a diverse and passionate community dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

Our evolution as an organization reflects our commitment to education at all levels. What began as a project within the university (WO) expanded to include students from universities of applied sciences (HBO), and today, we proudly include vocational education students (MBO) as well. Our dedication to fostering the next generation of innovators remains unwavering.

Early on, we started with projects like FOURNOS and MAGMA, which were born from the IVER project—a testament to our ability to translate innovative ideas into practical applications. These early successes laid the foundation for our journey, inspiring us to take on more ambitious projects like TEMNOS, where we harness artificial intelligence to transform waste streams, and HYPERIOS, where we develop autonomous inspection robots for critical infrastructure.

Our story is one of growth, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of innovative solutions. Join us as we continue to Innovate, Educate, and Engineer for a cleaner, more eco-friendly world. CORE: Pioneering Sustainable Waste Solutions.

Our Services

Public Reports

Triple-Helix Collaboration

Unlock the secrets to successful collaboration between government, industry, and universities with Nora van Zon’s master thesis. This easy-to-read guide reveals the key factors that make these partnerships thrive, offering practical tips and real-world examples from the Netherlands. Perfect for anyone looking to boost innovation and teamwork. Download now to get inspired and take your projects to the next level!

Battery Landscape Brabant

Discover the opportunities and challenges in the battery recycling market in Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. This report offers an in-depth look at the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries due to renewable energy and electric vehicles, and the innovative recycling technologies being developed. It highlights the region's position in the international market, the regulatory landscape, and practical recommendations for future growth and collaboration.

Solar Panel Recycling

Explore the HELIOS project’s in-depth research on solar panel recycling. This report focuses on innovative upcycling techniques to enhance the reuse of materials like hardened glass and silicon, critical for advancing sustainability in the solar industry. It provides a detailed analysis of current challenges, potential solutions, and the future outlook for creating a circular economy in the Dutch housing sector.

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Some of our previous partners...

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Huiskes Metaal Recycling

With Huiskes we developed the first version of TEMNOS, focussed on sorting phones. Read more about it on
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