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Hyperios is our answer to the growing need for smarter infrastructure maintenance. It's a project where we're bringing together the best of robotics and AI. This isn't just about using technology for the sake of it – it's about making our roads and railways safer and more reliable. We've built on what we learned from TEMNOS and other projects to create Hyperios. Our goal here is simple: use advanced robots to get a clear picture of the condition of important structures and fix problems before they become bigger issues.



In the Netherlands, the push towards automated inspection technologies, especially in the rail sector, is enhancing efficiency and safety. Technologies like machine learning and image recognition have made rail inspections up to five times more efficient by reducing the need for manual image reviews.


This advancement not only improves track safety but also minimizes disruptions for passengers​​. Similarly, sectors like customs have adopted automation to manage increasing inspection demands efficiently, balancing control with trade facilitation​​.


This move towards automation across various infrastructure sectors signifies a broader trend towards improving operational efficiency and safety through technological innovation.


Take SPOT, for instance. It's a robot we developed for ProRail, designed to autonomously inspect railway tracks. SPOT is out there on the rails, making sure everything is in top shape, especially in busy areas like Kijfhoek.


Then, there's our project with Heijmans – we're working on robotic solutions to inspect ventilation shafts accurately. These aren't just experiments; they are practical solutions where our robotic technology makes a real difference in keeping our infrastructure safe and functioning smoothly.

But also projects like Winnetou, in which we protect unguarded railway crossings, which focuss more on stationary inspecting.



"Together with Syracuse we make railinspection simpler and more effective"

Syracuse, Utrecht

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