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In the FOURNOS and MAGMA projects at CORE Changemakers, we're addressing practical challenges in waste management by turning byproducts like fly ash into useful materials. FOURNOS aims to create an alternative to basalt, a rock that's commonly used in construction but often comes with a heavy environmental toll due to mining and long-distance transportation.



Our project set out in 2018 to innovate within an existing infrastructure in Delfzijl, repurposing it into a facility capable of converting waste into a valuable obsidian-like material. The scale, however, posed significant constraints, preventing a robust business model from being established. We then turned our focus to Duiven, designing a full-scale factory, but the investment required for initial permitting was beyond the reach of our initial backers.


Moving forward, we explored opportunities in Moerdijk, drawing on local waste streams with the goal of producing basalt tiles and ballast. Collaborations with local waste companies like Attero, Eneco, and HKS (ARN) held promise, but the unforeseen 'Stikstof crisis' brought new challenges to industrial developments in the Netherlands, leading to a strategic pause in our operations.

As we stand today, the project's future is being carefully considered in the context of these external factors. The experience has been one of learning and adaptation, showcasing our commitment to sustainability while confronting the complexities of the industrial and regulatory landscape.


Our approach is to replicate the desirable qualities of basalt—such as its strength and durability—using waste materials. This process involves careful consideration to ensure the end product meets safety and performance standards without introducing new environmental hazards.


MAGMA takes the next step, building on what we've learned from FOURNOS. It focuses on producing basalt tiles from fly ash, contributing to building materials that are not only functional but also more environmentally friendly. These projects are part of our commitment to finding better uses for waste, supporting a circular economy, and thoughtfully reducing our environmental footprint.


"GOS assisted CORE in the oven design for the factories and was the technical supplier who build FOURNOS and MAGMA"

Global Oven Systems, Son

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