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Zero Age is a 3-year old CORE Changemakers initiative, focused on allowing students to educate the younger generations (of all age groups), enabling two values that we stand for as an organization:

Inclusivity, by making sure younger generations are aware of the possibilities that the world of technology can offer.
Research indicates that there are several factors deterring children, particularly girls, from choosing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers. One key factor is the lack of awareness about what STEM careers entail and the perception that these fields require a high level of courage, especially for girls (Unicef, 2020). CORE Changemakers is inspiring by example and spreading awareness.

Impact, by making sure younger generations are aware of the effects of their actions on the environment and how technology can improve the world, by making sure we reach the planet’s climate goals.

We believe that in the fast-moving society we live in today, students are the right actor to bridge the gap between younger generations and an educated society on the fields of technology and sustainability. Young enough to be able to convey the message in the right way to children, but already experienced enough to have knowledge and know-how to give back to the community.


We organize curricular and extra-curricular activities for children, such as:

- Technasium challenges related to our projects;

- Visits to our facility

- Stands in TU/e Open Days, where prospect students can learn about what we do

- Gamfication of our projects

- Participating to events such as "Later als Ik groot ben..." about children and finding their dream career

You can request below more information about our activity, including leaflets with examples of challenges or games.


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