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Edition 3

Greetings, fellow changemakers!

As we approach the end of the year, we're excited to bring you the latest updates from our eventful journey. It's been a remarkable year filled with growth, successes, and the invaluable spirit of collaboration. Let's dive into the highlights of our recent ventures:

Vakbeurs Recycling: A Fruitful Experience


Our presence at Vakbeurs Recycling was met with resounding success! Engaging conversations, promising connections, and exciting leads – we've had it all. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our stand. We're diligently following up on these connections, and stay tuned for the new projects that will soon be in the pipeline. Together, let's embark on new challenges and innovate for a better tomorrow.

Christmas Team Evening: A Festive Blend of Creativity and Unity


The holiday spirit soared high at our Christmas Team Evening. The highlight of the evening? A thrilling gingerbread house-building contest! One team clinched victory by crafting a house that embodied our core values – IMPACT, LEARNING, and INCLUSIVITY. Each wall represented a value, showcasing our commitment to these principles.

Following the contest, we embraced cultural diversity with a potluck event. Traditional homemade dishes from various cultures graced our tables, creating an atmosphere of sharing, learning, and understanding. This heartwarming experience strengthened our bonds and highlighted the richness of our team's diverse backgrounds.

It's a Wrap: Celebrating a Year of Achievements


As we bid farewell to this eventful year, we celebrate the milestones we've achieved together. We've witnessed tremendous growth, evolved into a more professional organization, and established greater structural integrity within our team. Our victories, including the prestigious KIVI Student Team Awards, stand as testament to our dedication and hard work.


This year has been a stepping stone toward even greater successes in the upcoming year. With the momentum gained and lessons learned, we're positioned to tackle more significant challenges, foster innovation, and continue making impactful changes toward a better future.



Upcoming Events:

  • TU/e Recruitment Event - 28th of February 2023

That's a wrap for this edition and for this calendar year! We've shared the highlights of our month with you, and we can't wait to bring you more exciting updates in the new 2024.

Yours in innovation,



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