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Edition 1

We hope this edition of our newsletter finds you well and brimming with curiosity. After a rejuvenating summer break, we're thrilled to be back in action this September, ready to take on the world's challenges with renewed energy and passion.


Now, let's dive into the exciting updates and adventures that await you in this edition!

Project Hyperios: Shedding Light on Innovation


It's time to unveil a project that's bound to electrify the tech world. Introducing Project Hyperios! The name might ring a bell – it's derived from the Greek God Hyperion, guardian of light and watchfulness. And we promise, this project is nothing short of illuminating. You can see below our robot reaching for the prizes already!  What's the buzz, you ask?


WhatsApp Image 2023-10-03 at 10.05.28.jpeg


Hyperios is all about infusing robots with autonomous superpowers. Picture this: Spot, the endearing robot dog by Boston Dynamics, patrolling train tracks like a seasoned inspector. Drones gracefully swooping into ventilation shafts, ensuring that fire valves are on point.


We're thrilled to officially announce the launch of Project Hyperios. If you're curious to learn more or have an idea for a challenge we could tackle at your company, send us an email to, and let's make it happen.

Nominated for Best Tech Idea 2023: TEMNOS Takes the Spotlight


After a well-deserved summer break, we're back in action! In just one month since our return, we've been nominated for the coveted title of Best Tech Idea for 2023 by none other than Kijk magazine. Kijk magazine is your go-to source for groundbreaking science and innovative technology, and we're honored to be recognized by the masters of innovation themselves. Our nominee? The remarkable TEMNOS!

TEMNOS vrm.jpeg


TEMNOS isn't just any project; it's our answer to making recycling sites safer and more efficient. By detecting batteries within waste streams, we're preventing battery fires and ensuring the smooth flow of recycling operations. Safety, efficiency, and innovation, all in one!


But here's the exciting part: You can help us clinch the title! Head over to Kijk magazine's voting page and cast your vote for TEMNOS. Let's show them what seasoned changemakers are made of!

Building Bonds: Our Close-Knit Team


At CORE CHANGEMAKERS, it's not just about projects and innovation; it's also about fostering a strong sense of community and teamwork. We believe that working closely and harmoniously is the key to achieving greatness. To kickstart our academic year, we've been busy forming a closely-bonded team that's ready to take on the world. How do we do it, you ask? Well, we like to keep things fun and exciting. 



This month's spotlight was on our thrilling laser tag activity. Just like in our real-life challenges, the teams strategized, analyzed, and executed with precision. It's all about brainstorming, identifying opportunities, and making that winning move, both in the game and in our innovative projects.


Stay tuned for more exciting team-building adventures as we navigate the uncharted waters of innovation together!


Engage and Collaborate: Join Our On-the-Spot Brainstorming Sessions at the Recycling Fair in Gorinchem!


At CORE CHANGEMAKERS, we believe that innovation thrives when minds come together. That's why we're thrilled to invite you to a unique experience at our booth during the Recycling Trade Fair. Do you have a challenge or problem related to sustainability, recycling, or circularity that's been on your mind? Are you looking for fresh insights and innovative solutions? Look no further!


Visit our booth, and you'll have the opportunity to participate in on-the-spot brainstorming sessions with our team of experts. Share your challenge with us, and together, we'll dive deep into creative problem-solving. We'll harness the power of collective thinking to explore new perspectives and generate actionable ideas right there at the fair! Whether you're a fellow changemaker, a business leader, or simply someone passionate about sustainability, we welcome you to be a part of these interactive discussions. Let's collaborate, ideate, and pave the way for a more sustainable future together.


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to turn challenges into opportunities. Join us at Evenementenhal Gorinchem from November 21 to 23, 2023, and let's brainstorm solutions that can make a real difference in the world of recycling and circularity!


See you at our booth, ready to tackle challenges head-on and inspire change!


Upcoming Events:

This is it from us for now! It was lovely to share the highlights of our month with you and we are already excited to share the next ones!

Yours in innovation,



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