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Within CORE CHANGEMAKERS we work on a lot of different technologies and challenges! Whether your problem is focussed on AI implementation in sorting out waste streams, or re-evaluating your Asset management structure within the company, we can help you! Below you can find an a la carte of our services and projects, but you can always reach out to us if you are searching for something different!


A small-scale system that enhances manual processes by incorporating weight and optical sensors. It aids workers in placing objects correctly based on sensor output, improving accuracy and throughput.


Development time ranges from 2 to 3 months.


Medium-scale TEMNOS incorporates advanced sensors like NIR and a conveyor belt, making it suitable for continuous processes. It offers options for manual removal, automated belt switching, or robot arms based on AI indications. It has limitations in detecting and separating single-layer products without overlap.


Development time is around 4-5 months, subject to process variations.


Large-scale TEMNOS combines multiple sensor options, including X-ray technology for scanning through objects. It is suitable for continuous processes with layered streams, overcoming limitations of surface scanning. The goal is to enhance processes, improve safety, and meet customer needs.


Development time is approximately 6-7 months.


Services can vary from feasibility studies, flow diagrams and energy balances through process definition and description to process optimization. Some of the companies CORE Changemakers has consulted include EcoReset by conducting simulations for their process, OrthoMetals who utilised one of our installations, ReCurrent with whom we design a battery recycling line, and many others.


We, at CORE Changemakers, provide fully customizable Software Engineering services. Our portfolio includes an AI-based detection system and ongoing projects such as track inspection with Syracuse BV, implementing geofencing, and sorting flat panel displays for Statice. We have also developed an AI system for detecting overflowing rainwater for Waterschapbedrijf Limburg. We are open to taking on diverse challenges, including assisting companies in data collection.


Starting from a pragmatic maturity-scan, based on the high level structure of the ISO 55.000, we also advise on the improvement of all the aspects of asset management whether it’s Information Management, Process management, Risk Management, Compliance Management, or even Leadership. And of course we can help you to incorporate sustainability into your existing asset management processes, using the open source Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD from The Natural Step).

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Some of our previous partners...

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Huiskes Metaal Recycling

With Huiskes we developed the first version of TEMNOS, focussed on sorting phones. Read more about it on
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