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Team CORE is a student team and start-up focused on enabling a circular economy. We are an organization that enables students and interns to make an impact on society during their studies. Within CORE you get real responsibility over new innovative projects, in which we will teach you more than just what you need to pass the project. With coaches inside and outside of the organization we provide the best possible personalized learning school.

The Project

One of the projects undertaken by CORE is the scanning and sorting of products that may contain batteries (so-called “battery suspected products”), gas cannisters, silicon kit and other dangerous materials. This poses a major problem for many processors; the cost of processing these dangerous products is substantially higher than products that are certain not to contain these dangerous products.

The solution to this is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) combined with various sensors. This combination makes it possible to automatically separate and sort the dangerous products from the others. The main goal here is to minimize false-negatives, i.e. to avoid products being incorrectly marked as safe. Within this project you will be responsible for engineering this system. Find out more information on or get into contact via

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