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Solar Panels


Team CORE is a student team and start-up focused on enabling a circular economy. We are an organization that enables students and interns to make an impact on society during their studies. Within CORE you get real responsibility over new innovative projects, in which we will teach you more than just what you need to pass the project. With coaches inside and outside of the organization we provide the best possible personalized learning school.

The Project

One of the projects undertaken by CORE is the design and realization of a solar panel re-use and recycling plant. Currently a lot of solar fields use old inefficient solar panels, that can only be replaced if we can re-use or recycle the panels that are currently on those fields. Currently the only industrial options for this is to reduce the panels into sand paper and metal residual. Using the thermal processes of CORE the glass can be recycled into solar glass again. But even more interesting is that some of the panels can be re-used. By testing on location we are able to resell panels back to consumers. This is enables poor households to also acquire solar panels and reduce their energy cost.


To do this properly a new system of stakeholders needs to be created. It will be your responsibility to investigate the market, set up a network of repairing companies and design a system that helps both consumers and solar field owners. As well as to develop relevant prototypes and test installations. Find out more information on or get into contact via

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