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The Zero Age refers to an era in which no new resources need to be mined or pumped up. Instead, the existing materials are recycled to make new products. Therfore, waste flows are becoming a problem of the past.


The primary goal of the Zero Age project is to make people aware of the major problems surrounding the current consumption of raw materials. Zero age tries to encourage people to deal with their waste differently and tries to encourage them to recycle. ​


The ZERO AGE project is a collaboration between CORE, Ecomotive and it's partners in which behavioral change in the younger generation is stimulated in the field of battery recycling. The aim of this project is to make as many young people as possible aware of the importance of recycling and at the same time to encourage them to actively participate in the recycling of batteries.

By purposefully making the youngest generation more aware of their impact on the climate and nature and motivating them to recycle better themselves, we can reach the Zero Age within one generation. The young people of today are the consumers of tomorrow. This is achieved by setting up and forming a campaign. The campaign will be tailored to the target audience and filled with challenges and learning materials. As a result, the target group of young students is already being introduced to recycling.

The desired effect of this is that the students not only find recycling more important, but that they are also consciously involved in it.

In addition to campaigns, Zero Age sets up challenges that challenge students to be actively involved in recycling. The challenges are used to give students an experience of recycling. These experiences lower the barrier for students to become more aware of recycling themselves.

The team behind Zero Age are members of Team CORE, an organization that focuses on sustainability. The Zero Age team focuses on social responsibility and wants to bring about a social change in recycling in addition to industrial sustainability.


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